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Clinique Moisture Surge Eye

After having had a little mishap with a Retinol treatment (I love retinol, sadly it does not love me!) the area around my eyes became extremely dry and sore. I needed a super hydrating product, which was going to cool, soothe and plump the area around my eye without irritating the skin or stinging. I have always been a fan of the Clinique Moisture Surge range and as it had been quite sometime since I last purchased, I decided to give my trusty skincare friend another go.

Applying this water like gel is like literally throwing a bucket of cold water on your eyes. I'm glad I opted for gel and not cream. I love the way it sinks into my skin, instantly cooling my eyes. No stinging, no fragrance - it does exactly as it promises - Moisture Surge big time! I'm glad I chose Clinique on this..I can see and feel the difference after just two applications.