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By Terry Cellularose Cleansing Oil

I was looking for an eye make up remover and was recommended this by the sales consultant in SpaceNK. The thought of using oil put me off, as thought it would be too greasy, however I am really pleased I decided to opt for this! It is extremely tough on my stay put mascara and the Cellularose Cleansing Oil is actually delicate and light, with a beautifully fresh rose scent. It lifts away makeup with minimal effort and the little residue that is left, doesn't feel greasy at all - it actually felt nourishing.

I tend to pop a few drops onto a cotton wool pad, press and hold gently to the eye area for a few seconds and wipe away. No need for rubbing. Even last trace of makeup is removed. I haven't had to use all over my face, as I don't tend to wear heavy makeup, however this is also suitable for the face and lips. 

A little luxury to your cleansing routine.